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Chemical Engineering vs Chemical Technology

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What is the theoretical maximum efficiency of a heat engine and how does it relate to the second law of thermodynamics?

The theoretical maximum efficiency of a heat engine is determined by the Carnot efficiency.

The Carnot efficiency is the highest possible efficiency that a heat engine can achieve under a given set of conditions. The efficiency of a heat engine is defined as the ratio of the work done by the engine to the heat absorbed from the high-temperature source.

The Carnot efficiency is given by the formula:

Carnot efficiency = 1 - (Tc / Th);

where Tc is the temperature of the cold reservoir and Th is the temperature of the hot reservoir.

Rohan Ohol

What is the difference between a chemical reaction and a physical change?

A chemical reaction is a process in which substances are chemically transformed into new substances. This change is characterized by a change in the chemical composition of the substance, and is often accompanied by the release or absorption of energy. A physical change, on the other hand, is a process in which a substance changes its physical properties, such as size, shape, or state, without undergoing a change in its chemical composition. Physical changes include processes such as melting, freezing, boiling, and condensation.

In summary, a chemical reaction results in a new substance, a change in chemical composition and a change in energy, while a physical change results in a change in physical properties, but no change in chemical composition, no new substance and no change in energy.



Must Softwares for Chemical Engineers

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Why water is colorless but ice or snow is white?

Main reason is REFRACTION.

During freezing of water; ice will be

  1. Transparent if the freezing process is slow.

  2. White if the process is fast. It happens mostly.

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