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Best Books for GATE-2023 | Chemical Engineering

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a national level exam among engineering students and it open the doors for higher studies (M.Tech./M.S./PhD) and jobs especially PSU recruitments.

GATE-2023 updates: This year IIT Kanpur is going to conduct the exam on 4, 5, 11 and 12 February 2023. The online application portal will be opened for the registration in the first week of September 2022. For more details visit

Chemical Engineering is one of the papers that GATE exam offers to the candidates. There are around 15000+ students participate every year. This stream has 12 important subjects including

Mass Transfer (MT),

Heat Transfer (HT),

Fluid Flow (FF),

Chemical Reaction Engineering (CRE),


Process dynamics and Instrumentation Control (PDC),

Chemical Technology (CT),

Process Calculations (CEPC),

Mechanical Operations (MO),

Plant Design and Economics (PDE),

Mathematics and


Now to prepare for this exam we need resources including subjectwise text books, GATE -preparation books, handwritten notes and websites to prepare the concepts and practice the previous year GATE questions.

Today, we will discuss the highly recommended books for GATE-preparations.

Handwritten Notes - Extra perk.

We offer Chemical Engineering GATE preparation based handwritten notes including QUICK REVISION and DETAILED. Visit for more details.

1 - Engineering Mathematics

This subject contributes 13 out of 100 marks, so a very important subject. For this subject I will recommend MADE EASY-Engineering Mathematics, It includes previous year GATE questions from almost all streams so you will have a good amount of questions to practice along with detailed discussion about each topic. If you have this book then you don't need any other textbook.

Click the photo to access the book.

2 - Aptitude

Similar to Mathematics, this subject also plays a significant role in improving your rank as it contributes 15 out of 100 marks. Here you will have two options on the basis of amount of questions. MADE EASY has Reasoning and Aptitude ( It will also cover the questions from lot of streams so a pool of questions to practice.

On the other hand we have M Subbu ( , a popular booklet among Chemical Engineers. This book will cover Aptitude questions related to Chemical Engineering.

Click the photo to access the book.

3 - Core Subjects

There are 10 subjects that will contribute 72 marks out of 100. Here we have lot of options on the basis of publications and number-of-years questions compiled. So, let see them one-by-one.

  1. MADE EASY (New player in Chemical Engineering, good reputation) - Covers last 23 years questions topicwise. Link:

  2. M SUBBU ( Very popular) - They have launched individual booklets on the basis of subjects. They have solution of every question all the way from 1987 to 2018, so a bank of questions for Chemical Engineers. Maybe they will launch the latest years solutions also soon. Links: ; ; ; ; ;

Click the photo to access the book.

4 - Books for Beginners

Here are some popular books especially for GATE aspirants who are preparing for the first time and looking for easy questions. These booklets (Dr. Ram Prasad and O.P. Gupta) have lots of questions to practice for each topic. They start with the easiest questions and slowly increase the toughness including GATE questions. Link: ; and

Click the photo to access the book.

Extra Books

There are some books which people recommend like ARIHANT. They have only questions but don't rely on their solutions. Link: and

Click the photo to access the book.

Overall: These are highly recommended question bank books for Chemical Engineering GATE -2023.

Disclaimer: Don't rely on these books for concepts as they have mostly GATE questions except Mathematics (it covers everything). Always have atleast one textbook for reference for each subject.

That's it for today. Good Luck!

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