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Type of Industries for Chemical Engineers

This topic is one of the oldest but still fresh..!!

Let’s quickly understand the Chemical Engineering first: This discipline is one of the oldest and the important discipline. Here we learn how to convert a raw material into a useful product and for that;

  1. We first find the problem; eg: we need gasoline from crude oil.

  2. Then design the equipments and processes to solve that problem; eg: design the distillation column, heat exchangers and many more desired components for the petroleum plant to extract gasoline.

  3. We operate the plant and do time-to-time troubleshoot to solve the real-time issues and improve the performance.

In short, we know the material and energy balance, designing and modelling new plants, thermodynamics (or feasibility of the process), kinetics and can play very well with the piping and instrumentation. We also knows the sales and can provide technical help through economics.

Now with this knowledge what we can do? Where are we eligible? What type of jobs are available?

Don’t worry we have lots of options. Let’s see;

  1. Energy sector: Both renewable and non-renewable and nuclear.

  2. Agriculture: make fertilizers.

  3. Chemical Industry: Like Sulphuric acid, nitric acid, etc.

  4. Pharmaceutical Industry

  5. Textile Industry

  6. Food Industry

  7. Paint Industry

  8. Cement Industry

  9. Software and consulting companies: To design the equipments and the plant.

  10. Higher Studies: To do research and improve the performance in above mentioned industries.

So, if you are an enthusiastic Chemical Engineer then you are safe career-wise as these industries are still growing and so they need more and more of us.

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