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Prepare "GATE" without Coaching!

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a highly competitive entrance examination conducted at the national level in India. It is jointly administered by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) on behalf of the National Coordination Board (NCB)-GATE, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India. GATE evaluates the comprehensive understanding of undergraduate subjects in engineering and science and tests the analytical, problem-solving, and technical skills of candidates.

Significance of GATE

Cracking the GATE exam holds great significance in shaping your career. Here are some key reasons why GATE is important:

Admission to Postgraduate Programs: GATE scores are widely accepted by prestigious institutes in India and abroad for admissions to Master's and doctoral programs in engineering, technology, and science. Clearing GATE opens up opportunities to pursue higher education in top-tier institutions, which can significantly enhance your knowledge, skills, and career prospects.

PSU Recruitment: Many Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) consider GATE scores as a criterion for recruitment. PSUs such as BHEL, ONGC, and IOCL conduct recruitment drives based on GATE scores. Cracking GATE can lead to excellent job opportunities with these esteemed organizations.

International Opportunities: GATE scores are recognized globally, enabling you to explore opportunities for higher studies and research in leading international universities. Scholarships and assistantships are often available for GATE-qualified candidates pursuing studies abroad.

Facts about GATE

GATE is an easy exam if you have a good strategy/plan.
Need to stay focused, have steadiness and be positive.
There is no shortcut to prepare for GATE.
Self-study is the best study.
Quality is more important than quantity.

Here are some suggestions to help you score better:

Go through the whole syllabus. There are 12 subjects in Chemical Engineering. Analyze the whole syllabus on the basis which subject contributes how much like here in this link

Find out in which subjects you are good at or which type of content suits you like if you are good with the concepts or with the numericals.

Find the source of content: IIT professors upload videos on a platform called " NPTEL " where all subjects are available. These videos are available on YouTube too. Its free. This is an alternate to coaching centers. Now-a-days there are number of youtube channels also like " Chemojo ". There are some layman level books too like Gavane or B K Dutta to help you grip the concepts. So finalize atleast 1 book for each subject. There are handwritten notes also available online to help you to understand what to prepare and how to prepare.

Solve all GATE questions starting from 1987 to till now. Solve every single of them. Solving old questions will prepare you for the numerical type questions. This step is mandatory. There are these book by M Subbu: M Subbu (1989-2001): AN INSIGHT INTO CHEMICAL ENGINEERING M Subbu (2000-2018): which is my experience based recommendation. These books are best with no mistake. Practice more and more. Recently " Made Easy " has also started providing content for the chemical engineers.

Maths and aptitude (important and easy subjects) contribute 28 marks in GATE and its easy too. To understand the concept study 'made easy' maths book Made easy reasoning & aptitude and engineering mathematics for gate & ese 2023 .This book is good. It covers the GATE questions too of other streams like mechanical, electrical, CS, Electronics and civil. But no chemical GATE questions. But no worries, Chemical Engg maths is very easy in GATE. Once you will finish this book then you can verbally solve the chemical GATE questions of maths.

Develop time management skills, speed and accuracy. It means always practice questions with time limit. Let’s say you want to solve the whole GATE paper then you must solve that paper within 2:30 hours because in exam one extra factor i.e. stress will increase your time, decrease your speed and accuracy.

During preparation always use the online calculator. This habit will overcome the mistakes that will happen during GATE and will save time.

My personal advice on how to start: Need PATIENCE and CONFIDENCE and to develop these qualities start the preparation with small subjects like Chemical Technology, Mechanical operations, Economics, Process calculations and heat transfer. Then slowly move towards the heavy subjects like mass transfer transfer, PDC, CRE, Maths, Thermodynamics and Fluid flow. If you will start with the heavy lifting then you may face some trouble. So do some warmup first.

That’s it. Hope this content will help you.

Good luck..!!

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