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These are Distillation handwritten notes covering topics; 

  1. Raoult’s and Henry's law

  2. Enthalpy-concentration diagram

  3. Equilibrium diagram at constant pressure and temperature

  4. Relative volatility

  5. Methods of Distillation-Simple/batch distillation, flash distillation, Fractionation

  6. Rectifying and stripping section with material balance

  7. Operating line of feed, stripping and rectifying section

  8. McCabe Thiele method

  9. Total and minimum reflux ratio and optimum refulux ratio

  10. Fenske’s equation, Underwood equation and Gilliland correlation

  11.  Efficiencies-Overall, Murphree and point efficiency

  12. Type of Trays-Bubble cap, valve and sieve tray

  13. Steam distillation, Azeotropic distillation, Extractive distillation


All topics have been thoroughly discussed with definitions, concepts and deriviations. It will help you in preparations for classroom exams and interviews. 


SKU: 0016
  • Chemical Engineering Detailed Notes || Distillation

    No. of pages:  42

    Language: English

    Writter & Publisher: Chemojo

    Publication Date: June 09, 2022

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