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Process of Love: A Chemical Engineer's Wedding

A poem on Chemical Engineers' Wedding

Reactors decorated with flowers bright,

Process flow diagrams guide guests' sight.

Two streams of life now combine,

In a vessel of love divine.

The buffet, a model of mass transfer,

Flavors diffuse, a culinary offer.

Heat exchangers keep drinks just right,

As the celebration lasts through the night.

Rings symbolize a closed-loop control,

Two hearts in perfect feedback, whole.

Vows steady as a packed bed tower,

Their love distilled to its purest power.

Safety shields clink instead of glasses,

As the couple's joy surpasses.

An exothermic merge of souls,

Optimized for life's new goals.

The cake cut with precision timing,

Layers stacked like column lining.

A toast raised with scaled-up cheer,

To the union of two engineers.

From pilot plant to full production,

They'll scale their love without reduction.

Troubleshooting life hand in hand,

A partnership efficiently planned.

Honeymoon at industrial sites,

Admiring towers that touch the heights.

From refineries to treatment plants,

They find romance in huge storage tanks.

Collecting data on their travels,

As their adventure slowly unravels.

Efficiency in their sightseeing,

A perfect balance of doing and being.

In nature, they see engineering too,

River flows and thermal springs' brew.

Discussing improvements they might make,

To processes they undertake.

Returning home, they're ready to start,

A life designed with mind and heart.

Two engineers, now fully united,

Their future plant carefully sited.

Thank you !

I hope you liked the poem. Let me know your opinion on this in the comment box.

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